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Antifouling Contender

Hard matrix long lasting antifouling formulated with high copper content and special ingredients for use also in tropical waters. Provides a secure protection of the bottom once applied over a suitable primer. It can be applied on wood, steel and fibreglass boats with speed also over 30 knots. Not suitable for aluminium boats.
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Antifouling Contender Propellers

Acrylic antifouling specifically formulated for propellers, stern-drives and flaps. Provides high adhesion and high strenght resistance. The application of 2 coats over a prior coat of ELIPRIMER is recommended. The substrate should be at first sanded with coarse grain abrasive paper and degreased with water-soluble detergent solution (do not use solvents for degreasing purposes). CONTENDER ELICHE can be applied directly on previous compatible paints in good conditions. Application over different types of antifouling is not recommended.
€0.00 incl tax

Antifouling Contender STC

Hard matrix white antifouling formulated with copper thyocianate providing high antifouling power and excellent coverage properties. For application on all types of hulls, including aluminium. Recommended for boats with speed also over 30 knots.
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Antifouling Serenissima

High quality, long lasting idrophilic matrix antifouling paint. The high content of coprous oxide and other valuable additives, combined to the particular vehicle formulation, allow this product to provide an excellent antifouling power in the most varied conditions. The hydropfilic nature of the vehicle improves wettability and flowing characteristics of the hull in the water. It can be effectively used also in warm seas and miscellaneous water. Provides a controlled speed release of the antifouling salts which makes this product recommended on both medium speed boats and sailing boats. Not suitable on aluminium boats. Recommended for boats with speed up to 30 knots. The application of 2 coats is recommended,
From €59,50 incl tax

Antifouling Serenissima STC White/Black

Self-polishing antifouling formulated with copper thyocianate for all types of boat bottoms, including aluminium and light alloys. Its soluble matrix formulation provides a continuos film releasing of the antifouling compounds during boat cruising. It does not need to be sanded at time of repainting. A minimum of 3 coats is recommended for best results. The antifouling release varies according to speed and service of the boat. Recommended on boat of medium speed up to 30 knots
From €63,50 incl tax

Antifouling Standard Plus

Self-polishing antifouling formulated with copper salts for use on wood, steel or fibreglass boats of medium speed up to 30 knots. The application of minimum 2 coats of antifouling is recommended.
From €41,90 incl tax

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